A clean aesthetic & editorial approach that provides contemporary, yet timeless creative solutions for people, places and things.


ART DIRECTION & Photography

Photography: on-set directing, concept development, post-production/retouching

Production: casting, styling, resource management, location scouting, shot-listing/product planning, budgeting

Film/Video: concept, storyboarding, editing 

Art Direction: editorial content, campaign ideation, visual personas


Identity: logo design, naming conventions & taxonomy 

Guidelines: typography, color palettes, iconography

Public Personas: creative/image direction, styling, messaging, social media campaigns


Web/Mobile: landing pages, websites, ecommerce, iPad/mobile apps

Social Media: assets & formatting, blog layouts, image curation

UX/UI: wireframes, libraries, responsive templates

Online Marketing: email design, presentations, media kits, infographics, social media assets


Publication: magazines, books, stationery, catalogs/brochures

Advertising: outdoor, retail, pos/pop

Events: invitations, menus, custom illustrated textiles/prints

Packaging: beauty & health, promotional, clothing & accessories 


For projects, collaborations and inquires contact info@tericaalicia.com